Just not enough hours in the day, or night!

This is how I am feeling this month. Spread too thin and rather overwhelmed. And what else? Like I'm not getting to do the stuff I really want to be doing, or really should be doing. One of them being writing - the blog has been quiet for a while. Not because I haven’t written... Continue Reading →


Working from Home

So, what is it like working from home? One word… fantastic! If your job allows it, or you are starting your own business, I highly recommend it. This is me though, this is possibly not for everyone. If you thrive off of talking and mingling with others all day every day, then rather stay at... Continue Reading →

Working Mommy

So I’ve read a few of these types of articles over the past few years, and yes they all resonate in one way or another. And although each of our journeys is different, we are all ultimately trying to do the same thing. Be the perfect wife, mommy and business owner/employee. Right, no small task... Continue Reading →

Running your own Business – Billings

Running your own business also means doing your own billings, or accounts, or invoicing each month. Most start-ups will handle this process themselves so as to reduce overheads, and as the business grows they may outsource this function or even hire an assistant to manage the financial running of things on their behalf. As we... Continue Reading →

Dealing with your Stress

Stress, something that occurs in our everyday lives more and more. The world seems to be spinning faster and faster and we are all scrambling to keep up. Stress is often exacerbated in certain situations. Once we are able to pinpoint these triggers in our own lives, we can work on ways to avoid these... Continue Reading →

Running your own Business – Templates

When starting up a new business, a new hobby, a new system, a new idea, the best way to work through things is to setup templates. Documents ~ Schedules ~ Checklists ~ Organograms ~ Tables ~ Lists Templates can be an effective time saver if used correctly. Remember that your templates are your intellectual property.... Continue Reading →

Running your own Business – Backups

Something we are all aware we should do, but sometimes forget to do, or put off, because we just don’t have the time to do it now – backups. Backup, backup, backup! Backups should be done on a daily, weekly and a monthly basis for bigger companies. Backups should be kept for a certain period... Continue Reading →

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