Dealing with your Stress

Stress, something that occurs in our everyday lives more and more. The world seems to be spinning faster and faster and we are all scrambling to keep up. Stress is often exacerbated in certain situations. Once we are able to pinpoint these triggers in our own lives, we can work on ways to avoid these... Continue Reading →

Running your own Business – Templates

When starting up a new business, a new hobby, a new system, a new idea, the best way to work through things is to setup templates. Documents ~ Schedules ~ Checklists ~ Organograms ~ Tables ~ Lists Templates can be an effective time saver if used correctly. Remember that your templates are your intellectual property.... Continue Reading →

Running your own Business – Backups

Something we are all aware we should do, but sometimes forget to do, or put off, because we just don’t have the time to do it now – backups. Backup, backup, backup! Backups should be done on a daily, weekly and a monthly basis for bigger companies. Backups should be kept for a certain period... Continue Reading →

Is Done Better Than Perfect?

I struggle with this question... Is done better than perfect? If you are a perfectionist, like me, then it may be hard for you to think of this question in black and white. I was asked this question for the first time last year. It made me uncomfortable. My immediate reaction was ‘NO!’. I do... Continue Reading →

Keeping a Pending System

I used to think I could remember everything I had done when I first started working..., hilarious! Even things that needed to be pended, as they were not yet 100% complete. I would file things, emails, papers, and then, I would forget about them! I would forget, that is until a senior would come and ask... Continue Reading →

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