To be an Entrepreneur or an Employee, that is the question…

Being an employee can be very fulfilling. If you have a job you love, a pay cheque that leaves you leftovers for savings and great people to work with. You could be getting up each morning feeling very fortunate and with a definite spring in your step.

But, this is not how it is for everyone.

I have spoken to people who have worked hard their entire lives and hated what they did. Their salaries were never great, the rewards little, and the hours almost never ending.

Deciding to resign from your job and not get another one is scary. But in the beginning that is the scariest part, the decision to make the change. You realise that you crave more than a comfort zone. That you are meant for more.

That the scariest part of all; is that time is not going to hang around waiting for you to make up your mind about things.

Becoming an entrepreneur is the best thing I have ever done. Why? Because, there were certain life changes I decided I needed to make. I was unwilling to compromise on those anymore. For different people, it is for different reasons, but the main thing seems to be flexibility.

Entrepreneurs no longer want to be a part of the rat race. Entrepreneurs want to be in charge of their own income. Their own hours, their time spent on the road, with their loved ones and they want or are ready to be their own boss.

It is fun, and it is stressful, but mostly it can be rewarding.

Once you have decided that you are no longer satisfied with what you are doing, for whatever reason. You then need to take a long hard look at yourself and decide what it is that you actually want. Write down what you want to change. Think about what you can do that will enable those changes. Think about what you enjoy doing and what you are good at. Think about whether you want to study further. Or if you have enough experience to offer something already.

What happens next can be a bit of a blur. You resign and then you start working hard at what you want. You will have a transition period, where you are working your resignation period, whilst setting up your new business. Make the most of this time. Look at networking and marketing and business connections you already have. Think about colours, logos and names. Numbers, cashflow and finances. An office, a computer and software… The list goes on, but you will do it and you will do it with excitement. Your future is now in your own two hands.

Again though, this choice is not for everyone.

Where debt and children or other dependants are involved, you may not be able to take this plunge at all. You may not have money for a long time before your business picks up. Or you may start earning in your very first month. This is what puts most people off of this career path, the risk. The risk is enormous. But with risk can come great reward and that is what you must focus on once you have made your decision.

So, at the end of the day, it is up to you. If you are happy then stay. If you want more flexibility then look at your options and take it from there. You never know, you could be the next Richard Branson!

Cathy Haumann

| Virtually Admin
Virtual Business Administrators


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