Is Done Better Than Perfect?

I struggle with this question…

Is done better than perfect?

If you are a perfectionist, like me, then it may be hard for you to think of this question in black and white.

I was asked this question for the first time last year. It made me uncomfortable. My immediate reaction was ‘NO!’. I do not believe in doing things halfway. The person who asked me the question kept on. So, if something you need to get done and out there is not yet 200% the way you like it, will it just continue to remain unseen, unread, unheard of? This made me even more uncomfortable, as I had important things to get out to the world, but I was still keeping them to myself. It was affecting my business, as people were not hearing what I had to say, about me, about what I could do, about what I could offer them with Virtually Admin.

I continued to think about this question for many weeks and months afterwards, as I worked through my own work, my own marketing, my own branding, as well as what I was doing for my clients.

I realised that for me, there is a grey area when it comes to this question. It cannot just be a definitive ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ answer. Sometimes, it’s yes… and, sometimes it’s ‘no’.

There are certain things that I do feel should be done ‘perfectly’ in life. Or as close to perfect as you can possibly get. If you are busy with the branding and the marketing of your brand new business, then I feel there is no room for error.

Let me tell you why.

There are few things more off-putting than a website that is slow to load, or contains spelling and grammatical errors, or pictures that take minutes to fully appear, or information that is just not being updated frequently. What about websites that are difficult to navigate, confusing, ten clicks before you find what you need, graphics and text everywhere, but you still can’t make head or tail of what the person is selling or providing. You get one chance here. If you don’t draw the potential client in, the first time, chances are they won’t come back. In business, the same could be said for poor email communication, infrequent blog posts, not returning telephone calls fast enough, bad management, etc.

Think about the food industry.

If you go to a restaurant where the waiters are slow or unsure of the menu. Where the food is burnt or cold, or not what you ordered. Where items on the menu are not available. Where you are annoyed or put out in any way. In an environment where you are trying to relax and you are spending your hard-earned cash, do you go back? This would usually be a ‘no’ answer.

On the opposing side of this question though.
Are you holding on to the little things too?

For example, you are writing an article for your business, about a topic you are an expert in. You know what you are talking about, you have done the research. You have the practical experience. You have advised others on this very information. However, when it comes to putting pen to paper, or fingers to keys, you just can’t get it finished. You spend hours, even days or weeks trying to make something perfect, before you post it to your followers, or email it to your clients. Think about this, if they get the information that you have, will it help them? Will it drive additional business your way? If yes, then give it to them. If you hold on to it, you will miss the opportunity, and guaranteed somebody else will get it.

If you are concerned it is not 100%, but it has to go out due to some sort of deadline, why not make it a teaser article? Advise interested parties to contact you for more information, sign up for your newsletters or request a consultation for a fee. There are ways and means of getting around something that is not perfect.

Why not provide interim information in the place of the bigger picture. For example, your website is not finished. In the meantime, ensure that your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and any other means of online branding you have, are complete.

First impressions do count, but so does not wasting time with the unimportant ‘fluffy’ stuff in between. For example, the stats you are providing your client are correct and all they want to see are the figures. You spend an extra day working on the prettiness of the tables that the figures are placed in.

I gave a talk last year about blog writing. This is something I enjoy doing, practice regularly and hope to improve my skills on each day. Are my blogs perfect? Nope. Do I post them anyway? Yes. Why? Because otherwise who will know that I can, that I want to? And, how will I ever get any good at this if I don’t practice?

Something you do ‘perfectly’ today, may become outdated soon, or even something you don’t like in a couple of months.

It’s called improving. You will always improve at what you practice. You will learn more and get better at it. You will even change your mind and your opinions.

So, get your information, your products, your services and your ideas out today, as best as you can. Then if you need to provide follow-ups, diarise to do those too. Don’t forget that this world is ever-changing. It’s sometimes impossible to keep up, but you can follow a plan, keep abreast of changes and keep others informed.

Why the business cards as the featured image for this post?

They took months to finalise, I was just not happy with them. Are they perfect now? No. Can they be used in the interim, at networking events, potential client meetings, talks, lunches, wherever I am meeting new or interested people? Yes.

Cathy Haumann

| Virtually Admin
Virtual Business Administrators


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