Running your own Business – Backups

Something we are all aware we should do, but sometimes forget to do, or put off, because we just don’t have the time to do it now – backups.

Backup, backup, backup!

Backups should be done on a daily, weekly and a monthly basis for bigger companies. Backups should be kept for a certain period of time and not over-written too quickly. A rotational logging system should be kept to ensure that information is kept for an adequate amount of time for possible retrieval. Speak to an IT expert if you are unsure.

Speak to an IT expert if you are unsure.

Backups can be done less regularly for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs, where the facilities and hardware are not available for such a backup system. But, backups must always be done. If you prefer to do fewer backups than daily, a good idea is to keep all of your work and your client’s work saved in cloud storage.

Technology tends to fail us when we least expect it and work can be lost if the proper processes have not been put in place.

Do not save your information on to your desktop, ever!

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to save their information, randomly all over the place… hard drives, shared drives, desktops, flash drives, locally stored apps that don’t autosave, etc.

Keep all of your business critical information in one place, be disciplined about it. Backup regularly, or keep everything in the cloud at all times. If you backup to external devices, ensure that these are securely locked away, preferably somewhere as far away from your laptop or desktop as possible – even a different premises.

Remember to date your backups.

If you are able to store more than one backup of your data, then do so. Keep it in the cloud, on an external hard drive and on a flash drive, space permitting.

Cloud storage ~ External hard drives ~ Flash drives ~ Tapes ~ Discs

Password protect sensitive information.

Ensure that you know how to, or have someone employed who knows how to restore your backups, as well as test them at intervals throughout the year to confirm that they work and are not corrupted in any way.

Diarise to run your backups and do them. You won’t regret it when your laptop suddenly goes up in smoke.

PS: don’t forget the family photos – backup, backup, backup!

Cathy Haumann

| Virtually Admin
Virtual Business Administrators


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