Is Done Better Than Perfect?

I struggle with this question... Is done better than perfect? If you are a perfectionist, like me, then it may be hard for you to think of this question in black and white. I was asked this question for the first time last year. It made me uncomfortable. My immediate reaction was ‘NO!’. I do... Continue Reading →


Tips to Rid Yourself of Work Backlog

When you start out doing anything, you usually would start at point A, with a clean-slate. You are energised, excited and ready to go. Ready to dive in and tackle what lies ahead. But, what lies ahead? For most of us, it is a lot more than we bargained for. That clean-slate is pretty soon... Continue Reading →

Keeping a Pending System

I used to think I could remember everything I had done when I first started working..., hilarious! Even things that needed to be pended, as they were not yet 100% complete. I would file things, emails, papers, and then, I would forget about them! I would forget, that is until a senior would come and ask... Continue Reading →

Should I hire a VA or a PA? Part One

When weighing up your options, this may not be as easy as you first thought when it comes to making your final decision; about whether to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) or a Personal Assistant (PA). You may be influenced by various factors. Ranging from the size of your business, to how much work you... Continue Reading →

Writing and Blogging

This is not the first blog I have written. In fact, I have written many over the past year. I have written for myself (I am still deciding which to post and which are only good enough for my eyes only), and for clients. Most of them are floating around on the web already, but... Continue Reading →

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